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The Naze Tower   


The Naze, Old Hall Lane, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, CO14 8LE


Opening times are: April-November 10am-5pm


Admission prices:

2.50  per person

1.50  per child 4-15 years.  Under 4 years  free

6 per family - 2 adults & up to 4 children under 15 years

12 Friend of the Naze Tower - all year + two guest slots

22 pair adults, 33 for a family

School groups (such as fieldwork)  .. reduced rate - book in advance.

contact: e-mail  mail@nazetower.co.uk or phone 01255 852519



The top of the beach steps, the hurdle fence and the Naze Tower. these will be the players in the next round of erosion.

The position of the tourist sign and the concrete roadway make good markers for the future.

The A-frame breakwater fromthe top of the cliffs. You can just see how the embayment is starting to outflank the rip rap defences.

800-06050008.JPG  123KB



600-06050006.JPG  172KB



800-06050002.JPG  146KB




Three views of the upper part of the landslip. In both the left and right photographs a block of fallen material continues to rear above the vegetation, whilst the centre shows a fresh exposure wearing back towards the cliff steps!

600-06050009.JPG  191KB



600-06050010.JPG  197KB



600-06050012.JPG  179KB




The lower part of the landslip is being actively eroded by wave action, hence the increased slope and its clean appearance. The right hand photograph illustrates the morass of slumped and slide material.

600-06050017.JPG  153KB



600-06050014.JPG  171KB



600-06050015.JPG  193KB




Material from the slump arrives on the beach, either as a mobile flow, as on the left, or as a cliff of slow-moving slumped clay in this case. The clay has dried out and becomes granular. The concrete gun mounts are at the site of a similar process north of the tower embayment.










800-06050007.JPG  147KB


Higher and lower views of the tower slump.



800-06050016.JPG  139KB





Three more views of cliff formation, and failure. The centre photograph shows a scree of dry clay and sandy fragments accumulating the foot of the low cliffs nearer the north of the Naze. The right photo illustrates the cracking of the clay under drying conditions.

800-06050018.JPG  139KB

600-06050027.JPG  196KB 



800-06050019.JPG  245KB


A low beach, still with some of the nourishment sand intact, divides Hanford Water from the lagoon at the Naze.


800-06050030.JPG  51KB



Concrete facing slabs lie on the beach after being eroded by a sea attacking it from its flanks.  Low cliffs and then the eroded beach mark the northern part of the public open space.

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