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'Save the Naze for Future Days '

links to local groups fighting to save the coastline at Walton


Saving the Naze - slogan above - the news and a full set of links!

The Naze Protection Society - seagull logo above! - very good on erosion history.

NAZE NEWS Digest of stories - past and present - including new revetment plan!

The Naze Tower   

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Naze update May 29 2005




An exceptional drop from south to north on the groyne system. The last two enclosures were devoid of any beach materials, just clay.


The rip rap has been substantially  covered with seaweeds.


The ever-growing expanse of clay base.

800-P1020188.JPG   155KB



800-P1020198.JPG  174KB


One of the two large pillboxes on the beach at low tide. The transition from sand to clay is close to the cliff, after a period of beach lowering.


Both the Naze Tower and the steps to the beach will be threatened in the following decade. The steps have a cliff only 4-5 metres away.


A new cliff formed from debris brought down in the first embayment north of the rock-filled groyne. The clays are dry and the texture granular now, but are normally wet and mobile.

800-P1020202.JPG  113KB

600-P1020189.JPG  181KB


800-P1020195.JPG  223KB


The first embayment from above. the area of clean red crag is extending back towards the cliff steps, outflanking the rip rap and groyne.


An extended free face has been produced as the cliff materials have slumped beachwards. The newness of he movement is shown in the clean cliff face.


A wider shot of the first embayment.

800-P1020212.JPG  212KB

600-P1020204.JPG  160KB


800-P1020193.JPG  149KB

The cliff-top concrete is starting to fracture, and is a good erosion marker.

800-P1020215.JPG  197KB




800-P1020228.JPG   195KB





800-P1020227.JPG  235KB


Cliff-falls have been a feature of this update. Two bays down from the tower there have been massive falls and slides. Now the material is dry and the fallen blocks rigid and angular, but there is plenty of evidence of mudflows beneath.




A new, high free face has been revealed by the movement of rotational blocks beachwards. The cliff is fresh in the centre photo, but also, beyond, there is still an extensive area of vegetation, where mass movement has been much slower. On the left is a long-standing stream, adding mobility to the fallen material, and on the right a mass of blocks lies just above the beach cliff, ready to be removed!

800-P1020214.JPG  220KB



600-P1020222.JPG  175KB


800-P1020197.JPG  220KB

A low cliff has been cut by the latest high tides, and behind is the slumped mass from the new slide, with the fresh free face of the cliff.

800-P1020200.JPG  206KB






The embayment again, showing the free face, mudflow with stream, and the beach below, and the crenulations in the Red Cray caused by some lenses of clay.

800-P1020216.JPG  218KB

600-P1020217.JPG  224KB


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