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Winterton-on-Sea      Winterton Beach  12 January 2005



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Winterton-on-Sea beach  2005 January, February and August

                                     2006  February & November 





Beach access at Winterton is down a sandy chute rather than a footpath.


Two views of the extensive sand flats exposed at low water ...


.. the origins of which probably lie in the cliffs on the left.

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It was these blocks, adjacent to the cafe, that fell in the photos below.


To the south of the cafe road are more eroding sand cliffs, backed by these dunes.


The second line of concrete blocks perched on the cliff top.

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800-P1010464.JPG  171KB




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19 February 2005




The North Sea with a north-easterly wind behind it - bitterly cold and with impressive wave height.

800-P1010452.JPG  90KB






The newly-fallen concrete blocks litter the foreshore at the base of the cliff ...


... the seaward line of blocks had fallen some time previously.


The fine sand of both beach and cliffs shows up in the morning sunshine.

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600-P1010460.JPG  169KB




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It will be interesting to see how these concrete additions to the beach will affect foreshore processes.


The cafe itself is now under imminent threat.


The jumble of blocks on the beach, and the low, soft sand cliffs behind.


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22 August 2005





Beach access at Winterton is the steep sand slope in the foreground. The beach cafe, and its predicament, is clear, as the two rows of  wartime concrete defences lie on the beach. Plastic netting continues to shield the low cliffs and warn the unwary.

800-P1020882.JPG  166KB

800-P1020883.JPG  117KB




800-P1020884.JPG  107KB



The sand at Winterton is uniformly fine, and the low cliffs are merely exposed sand dunes. At high tide the ravages of wave action can be seen (centre).

800-P1020885.JPG  146KB

800-P1020886.JPG  163KB




800-P1020889.JPG  159KB



From outside the beach cafe the proximity of the cliff-line is evident, as well as the blocks on the beach stretching out towards the south. To the north a bar feature is revealed by the falling tide.

800-P1020892.JPG  172KB

800-P1020891.JPG  96KB




800-P1020893.JPG  177KB


One of the few blocks left perched on the cliff-top.



Lined up for the fall.



800-P1020890.JPG  204KB






600-P1030759.JPG  168KB

February 15 2006





The block appear to have buried themselves deeper since the previous August, and the undermining of the cafe's concrete base in also seen to be under way.

800-P1030754.JPG  113KB

800-P1030755.JPG  141KB




800-P1030756.JPG  170KB


The sand dune coast at Winterton in windy conditions, with stinging sand in the air. The photo to the right shows a marker for a buried telephone cable.

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800-P1030761.JPG  113KB


Sand and shingle formations on the beach where the beach berm has been overwhelmed by tidal and wave incursions.

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800-P1030757.JPG  230KB






1 November 2006





The cafe is nearing the end of its useful life at this site, with the concrete surround already undermined, I'm sure health & safety will soon move to shut it down - depending upon the rest of the weather this winter.

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The sea is crashing away sixty metres from the base of the sand dunes, but at high water the concrete blocks are clearly being re-worked and they are sinking into the sand.

1024-P1060161.JPG  158KB

1024-P1060146.JPG  113KB









The wide expanse of beach was untrustworthy, and did cause a wet foot from collapsing under me, but it also provided a fine view of the waves and also the wind-blown sand, streaming towards the morning sunshine.


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