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The Wivenhoe Trail



By the riverside in Colchester, just east of the entrance to Lower Castle Park.


The Wivenhoe Trail terminus in Wivenhoe, at the railway station.


The cycleway from looking downwards Cowdray Avenue. Note the river embankment  or levee upon which the track is built, and the lower ground upon which the housing estate is built.







New homes, on the site of the old By-Pass Nurseries, overlook the river.

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The crossing of East Hill at the site of the refurbished mill buildings.


The trail leads on .. a track between houses and yards and then ...


.. past the allotments. Looking over the gardens to the town rising in the west.

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The pathway soon takes you away from the busy town, past a pair of railway bridges and by reed banks along the riverside.

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A quiet path leads between the two railway bridges and then enters, briefly, a new housing estate before reaching Hythe Quay (right)

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A new foot and cycle bridge over the Colchester-Wivenhoe railway line has a connecting pathway directly to the university.


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The bridge at Hythe Quay - in need of some restoration. Once over you cycle down Hawkins Road ... not nice!


The River Colne at the Hythe at low tide ... looking from University halls.

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The new university halls overlooking the Colne.


An outfall just downstream of the halls.

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The trail runs alongside the railway after leaving Colchester.


The track in open countryside between the two towns.


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Some views looking back towards Colchester and the University of Essex.

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Wivenhoe Woods, opposite the last mile of the trail, seen here in spring, and boasting a stretch of lovely bluebells!

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The outskirts of Wivenhoe approach; these are new-build estates pushing into the marshland by the river. The views from these properties and the wildlife around them must make them very sought after.

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The end of the road, or trail, at Wivenhoe railway station. The new houses shown above, back onto the Wivenhoe Trail.

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Piles are used to support construction in the soft riverine deposits.


A Christmas tree is tied to the river railings.


The pace of construction is considerable.

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Looking down river from the new developments.


A valley  in the tidal mud!


The old waterfront from the new waterfront developments.

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The ground floor (dark window spaces) are car parking.



A view along the new river parade.


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A shallow lake provides this square of houses with a focal point ...


A whole drainage system in a mudscape!


 ... turning the camera reveals its riverside location!

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Two photographs looking upriver from Wivenhoe front ... the picture on the right being a zoomed in portion of that on the left.


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The attractive riverside buildings, boats and generally nautical feel to the area is a magnet for visitors.


The Colne Barrier, designed to prevent surge tides flooding upstream.


The attractive and popular riverside pub, has a loyal following outside, on the waterfront, throughout the warmer months. see Wivenhoe/Fingringhoe page for views from across the river.

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