Photo Gallery


Jigsaws of some of the images!


South Coast


Coastal erosion and defences at a troubled location in Hampshire

October 23 2001 update

25 October 2010 

Birling Gap to Beachy Head  


Sep 6 2007



Views of the city centre from a tethered balloon.

Colchester VI Form October Fieldwork photos!

Cuckmere Haven


15-16 April 2009

Hengistbury Head

Colchester VI Form October Fieldwork photos!

October 23 2001 update

Isle of Wight

Alum Bay and the Needles, Freshwater Bay and Blackgang Chine

Naish Farm -Highcliffe


Protected and unprotected coastline between Barton-on-Sea and Christchurch


Purbeck & Dorset

Chapman's Pool


Views of Houns-tout Cliff, Chapman's Pool and the limestone countryside.

Chesil Beach


Chesilton, at the Portland anchor of the shingle feature - flood defences.

1996 pictures of the same area battered by winter storms.

Durdle Door


April 2006 Coastal features, tourists, and massive chalk!

April 2007 A brief return



Durleston Country Park, Swanage .. a limestone coast

Furzy Cliffs


April 2006 Weymouth lookout.

Kimmeridge Bay

April 1996 The clays and shales of Kimmeridge Bay, with well-defined wave-cut platforms.

Kimmeridge Bay October 2010 Low tide and the Dolomite pavement

Lulworth Cove

Colchester VI Form October Fieldwork photographs 

April 2007 Morning and evening light on the cove and Stair Hole

Lyme Regis


New defence works and beach nourishment  September 22 2007

Cliff fall 29 October 2008

Old Harry Rocks


The classic chalk headland, ready for labels!

October 23 2001 update

April 2006 update

Osmington Mills


April 2006 Waterfall and landslips



October VI Form October Fieldwork photos!

October 23 2001 update



29 October 2008

Swanage beach and cliffs


April 2006 Beach maintenance and cliff stabilisation.

West Bay


West Bay harbour engineering works Feb 2004

West Bay harbour defence works, October 2004

West Bay, harbour and cliffs, August 2004

White Nothe walk


April 2006 Outstanding chalk headland scenery


West Country

Beesands & Hallsands


The 'lost village' of Hallsands and Beesands - what Hallsands could have been! 


A coastal walk from Sandy Mouth to Bude, along the clifftops, and back along the beach, reaps a rich treasure of coastal features.

Dart estuary


Dartmouth and the estuary 


OPC index




Baverstock 21 October 2012

Baverstock overview 2013  see CC 2013


Codford 2013


Compton Chamberlayne 30 April 2012

Compton Chamberlayne 30 April & 23 June 2012  The Memorial Book

Compton Chamberlayne 23 June 2012  Other Graves

Compton Chamberlayne views 2013


Dinton Post Cards

Dinton black & white 1963/4

Dinton colour 1968

Dinton 2013


Durrington 2013


Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-1

Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-2

Fovant 21 October 2012 War Graves-3

Fovant churchyard 2013


Teffont Evias 2013




The river, coast and tourism, and some shots of the Valley of the Rocks.

Porlock Bay


A brief look at the area and the area of the breach in the shingle beach. August 2005. More shots from July 2006.

St Just in Roseland 2012


Slapton Sands 2001


Photographs from Nick Slinger of the coastal erosion damage at Slapton.

Slapton & Torcross


Slapton Ley and the village of Torcross   



East Coast






Photographs, February 2002, of beaches and defences at Jaywick and Clacton

Cudmore Grove


Coastal features, erosion and defence on Mersea Island. 



VI Form College Colchester fieldwork


Views of Frinton, both urban and coastal.

Harwich 26 September and ferry to Felixstowe 27 September 2009


Lost Road of Seawick  


Beach loss and road destruction between Jaywick and Point Clear.

Stour Estuary at Brantham


Salt marsh, river walls and industry.

Cattawade and the Stour at Lawford


An industrial estuary on the Essex/Suffolk border

Walton-on-the Naze index




The fast-eroding landmark in north Essex, ..  coverage of the unprotected and of the managed coast

Walton-on-the-Naze  1998


Walton-on-the-Naze  July 30 2001

Walton-on-the-Naze  September 22 2001

Walton-on-the-Naze  January 1 2001


Walton-on-the-Naze  Feb 15 2002

Walton-on-the-Naze  May 26 2002

Walton-on-the-Naze  Nov 16 2002


Walton-on-the-Naze  Jan 6 2003

Walton-on-the-Naze  Oct 30 2003


Walton-on-the-Naze  Jan 18 2004

Walton-on-the-Naze  June 5 2004 Naze Tower

Walton-on-the-Naze  June 5 2004

Walton-on-the-Naze  November 3 2004


Walton-on-the-Naze  February 2005

Walton-on-the-Naze  May 2005

Walton-on-the-Naze  July 2005

Walton-on-the-Naze  Nov 2005


Walton-on-the-Naze  Feb 2006

Walton-on-the-Naze Sep 2006


Walton-on-the Naze 18 May 2007

Walton-on-the-Naze Aug 1 2007


Walton-on-the-Naze January 12 2008

Walton-on-the-Naze March 1 2008

Walton-on-the-Naze August 10 2008


Walton-on-the-Naze January 18 2009

Walton-on-the-Naze 31 May 2009 rescue

Walton-on-the-Naze cliffs 14 June 2009


Walton-on-the-Naze cliffs  1 March 2010

Walton-on-the-Naze September 12 2010

Walton-on-the-Naze  Cliff Walk 12 December 2010



Wivenhoe and Fingringhoe

Shots of the front at Wivenhoe and salt marsh at Fingringhoe

Wivenhoe High Tide 10 October 2010

Wivenhoe Trail


A cycle ride from Colchester - Sustrans route and urban landscape. New developments along the River Colne in Wivenhoe.







The town and foreshore


Slaughden sea defences and new Coastguard Station.

May 2005

Bawdsey Flags -

The flags at Bawdsey ... and their surroundings.



March 9 2005  First contact

May 14  2005  Site meeting

May 31  2005  Update

June 21 2005  Expedition to cut weeds

June 28 2005  Job Done!

July 30 2005   - two flags gone and another going!


March 2006 update

July 2006 update

September 2006 update


February 2007 - a new beach!

September 2007 update


Bawdsey March 25 2008 update


June 24 2009 Privately-funded defences

August 15 2009  Bawdsey Rock fish-tail and East Lane defences

Bawsey/Shingle Street Oct 11 2010

Cattawade Nov 2007


 The wetlands of the Stour estuary



The rapid loss of agricultural land by erosion of the crags of the Suffolk coast

Covehithe Nov 2004


Latest photos from November 2004


Photographs to support Year 2000 and 2001 fieldwork.

Dunwich Beach 2001


taken  Sunday 13 May 2001

Dunwich Heath 2002



2002 Fieldwork Venue. February 2002 photographs to help a fieldwork visit.

Fieldwork in May 2002

Dunwich Beach -Wednesday and Thursday

Dunwich - tourism pressures

Dunwich - management practices

Dunwich Heath 2003


Fieldwork in May 2003

Beach photographs from Mon 20 May and Friday 23 May 2003

Photos from Mr Duncan of the tourist pressures

Dunwich Heath - Sunday 16 May 2004


2004 photographs of a busy Sunday afternoon, cars, parking ,signs, footpaths, heathland, cliff and beach processes.

Dunwich - forest, beach & heath


November 2004 photos to support coniferous forests, erosion at the beach and tourist management changes at the heath.

Dunwich Heath  April 2005 and May 14 2005


Update of Dunwich Heath facilities April 2005 and visit to Dunwich Museum May 14 2005

Dunwich  June 2006 -

Beach Walk

Dunwich Heath

Dunwich cliff-top and Greyfriars



A walk south along the full length of Dunwich cliffs.

Current developments at Dunwich Heath - tourism provision and conservation.

The cliff-top communities - trees, dwellings and the Greyfriars ruins.

Breaches at Dunwich - Dingle Marsh - and Dunwich Heath/Minsmere


The high tides of Nov 1 breached the shingle beach bar and flooded the marshlands of the Dunwich River.

Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh breach 29 Nov 2006

Walberswick and Dingle Marsh Feb 2007


Dunwich beach and Dingle Marsh update 19 May 2007

Dunwich Heath and Minsmere surge photos May 19 2007


Suffolk Surge - 9 November 2007

Surge update Walberswick Dec 1 2007

Dunwich cliffs March 29 2009

Easton Bavents


Do-it-yourself coastal protection!

Southwold & Easton Bavents


Beach reseeding, rock groynes and the latest at Easton Bavents.

Easton Bavents, Southwold, Dunwich & Sizewell  December 2008

Felixstowe Front

The town's main beach, sea defence works, and erosion of the groyne defences.

February 2002 docks

Felixstowe Ferry


Felixstowe Ferry area.10 Feb 2002 and 5 February 2006 .. growth of Deben spit.

Felixstowe Ferry


July 2006- spit formation at the mouth of the Deben.

Landguard Point


The Suffolk Wildlife Trust's site at Landguard Point.

Felixstowe Ferry


February 2007 - Bawdsey side -new spits

Felixstowe Front and Ferry


November 6 2007 - spits now enclose groynes!

March 2008 - Bawdsey side in the cold!

Felixstowe Ferry


July 2008

Felixstowe Front 1


19/20 September 2008 - port, Landguard Common and front defences

Felixstowe - Landguard Common, Seafront & Cobbolds Point July 14 2009



Felixstowe Ferry


18 March 2009 - extending shingle spit

Felixstowe Docks from Shotley 18, 22 and 24 Sep 2009


Harwich 26 September and ferry to Felixstowe 27 September 2009


Levington 8 Sep 2009


Orwell Bridge


June 2008 - from underneath!

Shingle Street


June 28 & July 30 2005  Shingle Street

March 25 2008

Shingle Street/East Lane


Southern end of Shingle Street with East Lane defences


Photographs to support Year 2000 fieldwork.

Power stations and beach - May 9 2005

Sizewell nuclear power stations and beach 7 Feb 2007

Sizewell and Minsmere 30 May 2009

Shotley - Felixstowe Docks from Shotley 18, 22 and 24 Sep 2009


Suffolk Surge - 9 November 2007


Views from Dunwich Beach and Dingle Marshes flooding, Dunwich Heath and Minsmere flooding - then on to Sizewell and Aldeburgh ... for the evacuation scare!


Photographs to support Year 2000 fieldwork.

2010 coast erosion - walk to Sizewell and back





The Broads


Norfolk Broads - Barton Broad

Wroxham - a busy day at a honeypot!

Burnham Deepdale and the SLN weekend.


Blakeney Point

Stiffkey and Holkham

Sunday at Thornham and Hunstanton


Happisburgh The February 1999 cliff collapse and the imminent loss of a bungalow.

Happisburgh 2001  May 2001 update of Happisburgh; view the changes.

Happisburgh 2002  August 31 2002 update from Happisburgh .. much has been happening!

Happisburgh 2003  new site launched

Happisburgh 2004  May 2004 update ... with significant recession shown

Happisburgh Jan 2005  January 2005 - the foreshore looks ever more like an invasion beach.

Happisburgh Mar 2005  Rapid erosion to the south of the bungalows.

Happisburgh Aug 2005  Rapid land loss to the south of Happisburgh, and the tea rooms threatened.

Happisburgh Feb 2006  A winter's view - more land loss and the coming crisis in Beach Road.

Happisburgh Jun 2006  Update- and archaeology of early settlement on the beach.

Happisburgh Nov 2006  Winter storm and high tide scenes.

Happisburgh Mar2007  Rip-rap is added to the beach.

Happisburgh July 2007

Happisburgh Feb 17 2008

Happisburgh July 24 2008

Happisburgh - 18 April 2009 including a walk towards Sea Palling

Happisburgh 19 Aug 2009 Church Tower




North Norfolk




North Norfolk 1998  A set of photographs to go with the Key Stage 3 assessment materials on coastal erosion, defences and planning.

North Norfolk 2001 May 2001 update of Trimingham and Overstrand.

North Norfolk 2002  Return to the Mundesley-Overstrand coastline and defences.

North Norfolk 2005  More photos from Overstrand, and now West Runton.

North Norfolk 2006  An update, and mudflow down the access road!

A look-in at Trimingham (old road cut-off site) and Overstrand.

Nov 2006 pictures of Walcott, Weybourne and Salthouse.

North Norfolk 2008  Bacton beach, Overstrand

Sea Palling

Sea Palling  The rock reefs and beaches of this vulnerable spot.

Sea Palling Dunes and Reefs  May 2003 update, with artificial reefs at low tide.

January 2005 - shots of sand dunes, reefs and Scrobie Sands Wind Farm.

Sea Palling 19 Aug 2009  tourism at low tide!



The railway, town and shore - school fieldwork spotted!



The Blood Hills and Scrobie Sands windfarms



The loss of concrete blocks (the second and last row) in front of the beach cafe and their demise on the beach below.

Further cliff loss threatens the cafe Aug 2005

February 2006

Nov 2006 storm update






March 27 2002 photography of Mappleton, Tunstall, Withernsea and Easington ... and of Spurn Head.

Holderness 2008


Aldbrough April 2 2008

Great Cowden April 2 2008

Mapplelton April 1 & 2 2008

Skipsea April 1 2008

Flamborough Head  (Selwicks Bay) 1 April 2008



Scotland 2002

Black Isle


Dolphin-hunting from Avoch, Cromarty Firth and its Oil Rigs/Cruise Liners



A short journey across to Elgol, with sheep-shearing and a view of the Cuillins - coastal erosion features at Elgol.

Wester Ross


A stretch of the Wester Ross coast in N W Scotland, with Gruinard Island, raised beaches and the Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve.





Australian collection


Ken Apthorpe's outstanding photographs of coastal features, including a 'before' and 'after' duo of the sea arch 'London Bridge' and revealing shots of the geography and life of New Guinea.





Austria 2006


Bregentzerwald  - a few shots of geographical interest from a week's holiday.




Brittany 2003

Anse de Dinan beach

The gite

Le Cloitre Pleyben - small village

Pleyben - large village

Châteaulin town

Pointe du Raz - beach and headland

Locronan - tourism village honeypot

Mont St Michel - tourism mega-honeypot

Wind and nuclear power

Brittany summary page


Gran Canaria, 3-10 November 2008


North-west coast - St Nicholas and Agaete

Galdar area

Maspalomas- Dunes and Beach

Tasarte - valley study

Wind Farm at Aringa

Volcanics  - Pico de Galdar and Montanon Negro area

Central caldera - Santa Lucia

Mogan - Ayacata Road

Fataga  Rocque Bentaya San Bartolome de Tirajana 

The Humid North

GC210 Acusa Artenara Road

Chira - valley of water and of fire


Venice 2004

General views, but mostly the effects of tourism and the flooding threat


Pyrenees 2004  

A75 & Millau


Cirque de Navacelles

Rhodes - Languedoc-Rousillon

Odeillo Solar Furnace

Valley of the Tet and the Mediterranean


Ireland 2005


Inishowen Peninsula - Foyleside and Malin

Inishowen - Moville & Redcastle

Antrim Coast

Donegal - Magheraroaty &Tory Island

Bundoran - the road home



Austria 2006


A week in the Bregenzerwald


Tenerife 2007

Tenerife Landscape - south coast

Tourism  - Los Christianos and the South Coast

Towards Buenavista - the North West coast

Teide Volcano - the National Park 1

Teide Volcano - the National Park 2  Snow

Northern Hills

ITEN Renewable Energy Centre



Settlement, mountains and energy



A walk in the Lake District in August 2002

Birmingham - Bull Ring Centre and CBD


A walk through the CBD from Aston University to the Sunday market.

Chelmsford centre


A pedestrianised town centre.


A start on building a photo library of useful local urban images.
Centre and inner areas
Severalls and the northern fringe
Northern Approaches road .. latest 26 May l 2003

Highwoods Country Park

Corfe Castle

The layout of Corfe Castle in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, and its function as a gap site.

Dinton, Wiltshire


 - some summery shots of my home village.

London Docklands

Canary Wharf to Island Meadows - high profile urban redevelopment.


Greenwich Peninsula - growth of the Millennium Village.

Ecotech, Swaffham

The Environmental Centre and wind turbine in the Norfolk town..


Ipswich Urban Transect 1 - a string of zonal photographs outwards from the centre to Copdock Mill.

Ipswich - Norwich Road -  outer city areas .. studies of Whitehorse Industrial Estate, local services (Aldi & Meredith Road)

Ipswich Town Centre -VIth Form photos in the CBD

Housing types - Norwich & Handford Roads - inner city areas

Ipswich - Ravenswood (Airport site development)

Ipswich Urban Transect 2 - Foxhall Road 

Orwell Bridge - views of Ipswich from the Orwell Bridge

Ipswich - Summer 2007 

Orwell Bridge 8 May 2008

Ipswich -  decision making exercise about the rural-urban fringe  January 21 2009

Ipswich Docks 3 Aug 2009  


Alp d'Huez

The French Alpine ski and summer resort, showing its setting, facilities and environmental scars.


Cambridge Science Park

Some images of this innovative centre; also links to their own, and very useful, website.

December 2007 update

Scrobie Sands & Blood Hill Wind Farms  


Views from Caister Lifeboat station

Poundbury, Dorchester


Latest on this iconic development by Prince Charles April 2006.

Sydling St Nicholas

A look at a gentrified, but still working, Dorset village .... with a stream!


The Northumberland settlement located within a tight meander.


Wales 2003



Some pages of photographs on:

Centre for Alternative Technology

Landinam Wind Farm

River Severn meander, Abermule

Montgomery Canal

Barmouth spit

South Wales August 6-9 2009


Merthyr Tydfil - rebranding

Merthyr Tydfil - open cast coal and reclamation


Upper Rhondda Valley

Margam steelworks overview


Gower - Three Cliffs Bay

Gower - Rhossili


Pembrokeshire - Green Bridge of Wales

Pembrokeshire - Angle Bay, Milford Haven


Symonds Yat

Old Severn Crossing


Wales 28-31 August 2010

Ebbw Vale

Elan reservoirs

Stream in upper Elan Valley





Yorkshire Dales April 2005


Yorkshire Dales, April 2006




Kilnsey Crag and Littondale

Malham village

Malham Cove

Malham Tarn




North-East England

The Aluminium plant at Lynemouth and open-cast mining




Langham photographs


Village site


Carter's Vineyard, Boxted

A visit to our local vineyard and example of energy self-sufficiency.

Dedham Vale floods


Feb 2001 Floods

Feb 2002 Floods

Dec/Jan 2002/3 Floods

Stour Valley, Dedham, Flatford and Langham in February 2001

Stratford in February 2002

Langham, Nayland, Stratford and Dedham over the new Year 2002-3

Dedham walk


A circular walk from Lamb Corner.


Flatford Mill, Suffolk, on a frosty New Year's Eve! Now September 2002.

Raydon Wings 

The 2001 Raydon Wings Air & Auto Show 


Clark's Factory Village, Street

Street, in Somerset has one of the original factory villages, based on Clarke's shoes



A visit to this monument of the industrial revolution

The Eden Project

A stunning and useful place to see .. and one that can stand repeat visits!

Stonehenge DME

Images to support the study of the EdExcel GCSE B syllabus DME exam for 2001


Boulders :a pair of rocks in Mordalsdalur, Iceland

The front of Lincoln Cathedral.

Winterbourne Stoke 

The traffic situation at Winterbourne Stoke, part of the Stonehenge DME

GA Conference


1 April 2005

GA Conference 12-13 April 2007