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29 Nov 2006


Dunwich Beach with the sea breach into  Dingle Marshes.


Movie of the Dunwich breach 21.2MB



1 Nov 2006


Winterton-on-Sea on a very rough day with flying sand!




 1 Nov 2006


North Norfolk - Walcott, Weybourne and Salthouse.




1 Nov 2006


Happisburgh in the sun and the wind.


21 Sep and 12 Oct 2006


Ipswich Docks Development 


12 Oct 2006


Ravenswood estate - on Ipswich Airport site.



21 Sep  2006


Ipswich- Foxhall Road  - a transect along Foxhall Road; inner-city redevelopment to suburbia.



7 Sep 2006


Walton-on-the-Naze - shots from the September high tide .


Sep  2006


Bawdsey again!  More rip rap needed just north of the Martello - as predicted!


Movie of unloading rip rap 34.9 MB



Sep  2006


Birmingham - Bull Ring Centre and CBD - a walk through the CBD from Aston University to the Sunday market.


Aug 2006


Austria - Bregentzerwald - a few shots of geographical interest from a week's holiday.



Jul 2006


Lynmouth - the river, coast and tourism, and some shots of the Valley of the Rocks.



Jul 2006


Dinton, Wiltshire - some summery shots of my home village.



Jul 2006


Felixstowe Ferry - spit formation at the mouth of the Deben.



Jul 2006


Bawdsey update - realignment and rip rap.



Jul 2006


Felixstowe - Landguard Point - the Suffolk Wildlife Trust's site


29 Jun 2006


Sheringham - Railway, town and shore.



29 Jun 2006


North Norfolk - Trimingham and Overstrand - flying visit.



Jun 2006


Movie of Beach Replenishment


Southwold & Easton Bavents


Beach reseeding, rock groynes and the latest at Easton Bavents.





Jun 2006


Dunwich cliffs and beach  A  beach walk south under the full length of Dunwich cliffs.


Dunwich Heath Current developments at Dunwich Heath - tourism provision and conservation.


Back along the woods - and Greyfriars - The cliff-top communities - trees, dwellings and the Greyfriars ruins.



Jun 2006


Happisburgh - erosion update - and  archaeology on the beach! Evidence has been found of very early settlement in Britain - back to 700,000 years!